A relationship between 3 besties, on the verge of their Broadway debut, is put to the test when diverging dreams meet adulthood.


In New York City’s vibrant arts scene where young people with big dreams come to make it on the shining stages of Broadway, CHLOE (Maltin) and MAGGIE (Margarita Zhitnikova) put every fiber of their being into bringing their musical, FIREFLY, to the Great White Way. As they prepare for the first-ever workshop, their lead actor GRIFFIN VOSS (Aramie Payton),  ridiculously talented (and he knows it) drops out of the show for a lucrative underwear commercial. Panicked, they turn to GUS (DeYonker), a sexy new friend, who steps up to the plate and takes over the role. Ten years later, the show attracts the interest of AUDREY WILLIAMSON (Catherine Curtin), a major Broadway producer who promises everything they’ve ever dreamed. But being an artist at thirty is not quite being an artist at twenty and GUS has other things on his mind, namely starting a family. Single and longing for fatherhood, he turns to CHLOE and MAGGIE for help. MAGGIE jumps on to carry the child while CHLOE reluctantly agrees to donate the egg with the caveat that she won’t be considered the child’s mother. As MAGGIE’S baby belly grows, GUS grows completely attached to his coming child and CHLOE tries to forget she is a part of the creation, instead, focusing solely on seeing her name in lights. As opening night approaches, AUDREY steps in to shake things up and personal and professional ties reach their breaking point. As the three besties struggle with diverging visions of their future, their respective babies come into the world and change things forever.   

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