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Full Original Motion Picture Soundtrack now streaming!

About the Music:

Stacey Maltin was introduced to Carner & Gregor by a friend of a friend and the first time she heard “Firefly”, she was just blown away. So blown away that she and co-writer Jay DeYonker wrote the whole musical inside the film around it! Carner & Gregor are extremely talented artists and were incredibly generous with the usage of their work. They allowed the Triple Threat team to rearrange and reorchestrate everything to make it work for the film and their music is so integral to the story. Additional music for Firefly The Musical was written by songwriters Dana Aliya Levinson and Judith Moy. The team began production with only one song and by the end they had three full production numbers, a stand alone dance, as well as a “Firefly” reprise. The music became really key to integrating the story of the musical with the story of having the child as well as propelling forward time.

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